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Course Outline

Here are a list of course outlines related to the History of Childhood and Youth in Canada and globally. Our thanks to all the instructors who shared their syllabi. If you would like to add your course outlines to the list, please contact Tarah Brookfield -

Adoption: Past and Present (Tarah Brookfield, Wilfrid Laurier University)

Childhood and Youth Through the Ages (Jason Ellis, Brock University)

Children's Media (Natalie Coulter, York University)

Childhood and Discourse Theory (Pat Ryan, King's College, University of Western Ontario)

Childhood in Modern Canada (Sarah Glassford, University of Prince Edward Island)

Cultures of Childhood, Adolescence and Everything in Between (Natalie Coulter, York University)

Growing Up in History: Critical Approaches to Children and Youth (Mona Gleason, University of British Columbia)

Growing Up in North America (Molly Ladd-Taylor, York University)

History of Childhood in Canada (Bruce Douville, Algoma University)

Transnational Media Cultures and Global Youth (Natalie Coulter, York University)

Understanding Changing Childhoods (Patrick Ryan, King's College, University of Western Ontario

Young People's Media in Canada (Natalie Coulter, York University)

Youth Cultures in the Twentieth-Century (Amy Bell,  Huron University College, University of Western Ontario)

Youth and Children Through the Ages (Tarah Brookfield, Wilfrid Laurier University) 

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