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HCYG Annual Business Meeting: 2015 Agenda and 2014 Minutes

This note is to encourage you to attend the History of Children and Youth Group (HCYG)/Groupe d’histoire de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (GHEJ) business meeting at Congress 2015 in Ottawa. (Monday June 1st, 12 PM to 1 PM – exact location TBA – check your final program to confirm date/time and location). Please find below the 2015 agenda and the minutes from the 2014 Business meeting. For a copy of the draft constitution and motion, go here

2015 Agenda 

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2.  Approval of 2014 Minutes.
  3.  Welcome and Introductions.
  4. Executive Updates
  5. Co-chairs: Constitution committee.
  6. Jo McCutcheon: Social media update.
  7. Formation of award committee (four committee members sought) for 2016 Sutherland Prize. (Best scholarly article in the history of children and youth, published between Jan. 2014 and Dec. 2015.)
  8. New Business








2014 Minutes of the History of Children and Youth Group business meeting

Réunion de travail du Groupe d’histoire de l’enfance et de la jeunesse

Brock University

Monday May 26 12.00 – 13.30 

International Centre 113

Participants present: 1. Bruce Douville (Algoma); 2. Jason Ellis (UBC), Co-chair –; 3. Sarah Glassford (UPEI) –; 4. Greg Kennedy (Moncton) – ; 5. Jo McCutcheon (U of Ottawa); 6. Erin Millions (U Manitoba),;  7. Katharine Rollwagen (VIU); 8. Mary-Ann Shantz (Calgary) – maryann; 9. Jonathan Weier (Western) –; 10. Leah Wiener (SFU) –

 1.     Approval of Agenda

- Jason Ellis (Chair) requests moving items 5,6,9 to end of agenda. Sarah Glassford to take over chair at 12:45.

- Katharine Rollwagen moves to approve new agenda.   2nd Greg Kennedy. Motion passes unanimously.

 2.     Approval of 2013 Minutes

 - Jon Weier moves to approve the 2013 minutes. 2nd Sarah Glassford. Motion passes unanimously.

3.     Welcome and Introductions

 - Participants introduce themselves.

 4.     Chair Updates

a.     2014 Sutherland Award

- We received 48 submissions. None in French. Through the efforts of the committe we were able to add 8 French nominations before the deadline. Meeting participants exhorted to find, nominate, and self-nominate articles in French.

- Jason Ellis thanked two of the Sutherland award committee members present at the meeting, Sarah Glassford (UPEI) and Jon Weier (Western)

b.    Website Planning

                                          i.    New Member Intake Database

- Katharine Rollwagen reported on the "interested person" intake database. The forms are available on Completed forms should be sent to Katharine by email.

ii.    New Syllabus Section

- The HCYG seeking syllabi for the collection of history of childhood and youth courses offered at different universities and syllabi for courses in child and youth studies with a significant history component.

                                        iii.    Updated Bibliography – Looking for a volunteer.

- Gail Edwards submitted a verbal report to Jason Ellis before the meeting on the status of the current bibliography. It will be ready in the next several weeks and will be published on the website some time after that point.

 - Additional discussion on the HCYG website and web presence.

Jo McCutcheon reported on the Facebook page. Participants at the meeting encouraged to "like" the page and posts, contribute posts, add themselves as "friends" and ecnourage other interested parties to add themselves as "friends" as well. All of this builds the FB page's web presence.


- Jo McCutcheon volunteered to to co-curate and co-coordinate a new HCYG Twitter feed.

- Katharine Rollwagen volunteered to join Jo in this work.

 - Participants at the meeting were encouraged to Tweet to a HCYG # when they are at conferences, talks, etc of interest to the group.

 - Erin Millions suggested that HCYG pursue a new # for history of children and youth (no such # exists, although there are # for Canadian history, etc.)

- Jo McCutcheon suggested also suggested establishing an Instagram account in time for the 2015 Congress. Jo will start the account. A volunteer is requested to curate it. (No volunteers came forward from the meeting.)

 c.     Expansion of the HCYG

                                          i.    Constitution / ii. Funding

- The Chair reported on the related matters of Constitution and funding. In order to raise and spend money, HCYG must (by law) establish a constitution and other administrative practices. The willingess to do this must be balanced against the necessity. Participants were encouraged to express their wishes for expanding the HCYG's work through new activities. If proposed new activities create the need to raise money, then a constitution would be deemed necessary.

 - Jo McCutcheon raised the possibility and potential of rasing funds through crowdsourcing, a donate button on the HCYG website. This could raise $1000 to $1500 and create a foundation or base for future activities. The HCYG could also "pass the hat" the way the CCWH does. Instead of membership dues structure, a token donationcould be requested.

 - Katharine Rollwagen asked if sponsoring panels and prizes, two activities the HCYG might continue to pursue, requires money to be successful.

 - Jason Ellis noted that the measures Jo McCutcheon suggested would require a constitution, because HCYG would be collecting money.

- Katharine Rollwagen noted that CHA members may be feeling "membershipped out" with all of the groups that people are members of and must often pay dues to.

 - Sarah Glassford raised the value she sees in the HCYG in that it is relaxed and informal, that voluntarism and a lack of red tape are advantages the HCYG would give up under a formalized structure.

 - Katharine Rollwagen questioned idea that HCYG needs to fulfill same functions as a group such as CCWH, for e.g. holding a social.

 - Sarah Glassford noted that HCYG functions something like a "union local" of the SHCY, a group that is formalized and questioned the necessity of another level of formalization.

 - Jason Ellis noted that currently chairs absorb small expenses (e.g. translation) through their own office budgets.

 - Sarah Glassford noted that with a graduate student or sessional instructor as chair, this sort of approach would be much more difficult.

 - Jo McCutcheon moves that the “HCYG pursue establishing a constitution in order to acquire funds through various means discussed earlier in the conversation.” 2nd Jon Weier

 - Katharine Rollwagen asked if it was necessary to have other HCYG participants present in order to move this.

- Chair ruled that as we have no formalized structures at the moment, other than the meeting, that this would be really the only moment to "operationalize" the process.

 - Discussion on the motion: Greg Kennedy noted that none of the HCYG's current activities seem to require a constitution. Asked if the organization had reached a "critical mass" where institutional structures are necessary, or is organization still in "mobilization phase"

 -       Mary-Ann Shantz offered that belonging matters to members.

-       Jo McCutcheon noted HCYG is established, has a history.

-       Katharine Rollwagen offered that HCYG is out of the mobilization stage.

-       Jon Weier offered that HCYG had reached a critical mass.

-       Sarah Glassford proposed a friendly amendment. Drop section on funds, retain “HCYG pursue establishing a constitution.” Jo McCutcheon accepts as a friendly amendment.

-       Discussion of the amendment. Jo McCutcheon observes that a constitution would help to grow the organization, to make people aware that we are out here and to expand dialogue.

                                    -       Katharine Rollwagen asks to call the question.

-       Motion as amended unanimously adopted. “The HCYG will pursue

establishing a constitution.”

-       Jason Ellis vacates meeting chair. Sarah Glassford assumes meeting chair.

5.  New Chair is needed

-       Volunteers were solicited to take over the HCYG co-chair position of Tarah Brookfield. No volunteer presented her/himself.

6.     Grad Student Liaison 

-       The Chair asked the graduate student liaison for a report. No graduate student liaison present. (Andréanne Lebrun sends her regrets, cannot attend meeting but would like to be liaison.)

7.     SHCY 2015 - UBC Promotion and Networking

-       A CFP circulated to for 2015 SHCY/UBC conference.

-       HCYG participants encouraged to submit proposals.

8.     CHA 2015

a.     Encourage Panel Sponsorships

-       The possibility of co-sponsoring panels with the “Cultures of Young People” group was discussed.

-       Sponsoring should occur beforehand.

b.    HCYG Roundtable or other event suggestions

-       HCYG should coordinate CHA/SHCY panels somehow.

9.     New Business


 Meeting adjourned




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