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The HCYG at the CHA Annual Meeting

The Canadian Historical Association’s Annual Meeting will be held at the University of Victoria, June 3-5, 2013. Please find below a list of panels, individual papers, and posters about the history of children and youth. Included is the HCYG sponsored roundtable: Unravelling Common and Uncommon Threads: Writing the History of Childhood and Youth in Canada. The entire program is available online.


Please note the HCYG business meeting will be held on Tuesday 1:00 – 2:00 in Cornett A120. All members and interested parties are welcome to attend. An agenda will be posted shortly.



CHA Papers/Panels/Posters Related to the History of Children and Youth

Monday June 3


8:30 - 10:00 / 8h30 - 10h00


Malleable Childhood: Building National Identity on the Shoulders of Children /

Enfance malléable: La construction de l'identité nationale surle dos des enfants


Facilitator / Animatrice: Kristine Alexander (University of Saskatchewan)


Marie-Luise Ermisch (McGill): “Fostering Active Compassion: How NGOs Appealed to

British Children and Youth to Help the Third World”


Rachel Sandwell (McGill): “Raising Revolutionary Children: The African National

Congress’s Childcare Programmes in Exile, 1979-1985”


Deanne van Tol (Queen’s): “Establishing Child Welfare Services in 1950s Kenya”


Commentator / Commentatrice: Tamara Myers (UBC)


1:30 - 3:00 / 13h30 – 15h00


Unravelling Common and Uncommon Threads: Writing the History of Childhood

and Youth in Canada. Roundtable (Sponsored by the History of Children and Youth

Group) / Dénouer les dénominateurs communs et moins communs : Écrire l'histoire de

l'enfance et de la jeunesse au Canada. Table ronde (Parainnée parle Groupe d'histoire

de l'enfance et de la jeunesse)


Facilitator / Animateur: Jason Ellis (UBC)


Cynthia Comacchio (Wilfrid Laurier): “Chronology, Biology and History: Why Age



Mona Gleason (UBC): “Beyond the Fetish of ‘Voice’: Theoretical and Methodological

Innovation in the History of Children in Canada”


Dominique Marshall (Carleton): “Canadian Children’s Political Action: Transnational

Dimensions, Discoveries and Suggestions”


Jonathan Anuik (Alberta): “The Futility of the Hypothetical in Canadian Childhood and

Youth: Practical Considerations from Education”


Commentator / Commentatrice: Tarah Brookfield (Wilfrid Laurier)


3:15 - 4:45 / 15h15 – 16h45


Transnational Considerations of Youth in the 1960s / Considérations

transnationales de la jeunesse des années 1960


Facilitator / Animatrice: Lara Campbell (SFU)


Catherine Ellis (Ryerson): “Strangers, Citizens, Subjects: Britain’s 1969 Representation of

the People Act”


Stuart Henderson (McMaster): “’The Infamous Impartial Unfolded People's Tuesdaily’:

Reading Rochdale College's Internal Newspaper, 1968-1975”


Greg Marquis (UNB): “Rocking Free North America: The 1970 Strawberry Fields Festival

and the Youth Culture Borderlands”


Commentator / Commentatrice: Lara Campbell (SFU)


Tuesday June 4 2013


8:30 - 10:00 / 8h30 - 10h00


 “Thinking outside the box”: On catering Quebec’s national historical narrative to

the realities and experiences of its diverse English-speaking communities / « Sortir des

sentiers battus » : Le récit historique national du Québec face aux réalités et

expériences de ses diverses communautés d'expression anglaise


Jocelyn Létourneau (Laval): « Visions têtebêche : Incursion au cœur des représentations

du passe du Québec chez les jeunes Francos et Anglos Québécois »


North American Borderlands II – Transnational Identities and Communities/

Régions frontalières de l’Amérique du Nord II – Identités transnationales et



Anduin Wilhilde (Minnesota): “Somali Youth and Self-Making on Facebook”


10:15 - 11:45 / 10h15 – 11h45


History-Telling in the Visual Archive: Photography, Power, and Identity / Raconter

l’Histoire dans les archives visuelles: Photographie, pouvoir et identité


Kristine Alexander (Saskatchewan): “‘Given Enough Time, All Photographs Become

Equally Important’: Visual Archives of Childhood and Colonialism”


10:15 - 11:45 / 10h15 – 11h45


The Edges of Education / Aux limites de l'éducation


Anthony Di Mascio (Bishop’s): “Quebec, Vermont, and the Permeability of Educational

Boundaries in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”


Jason Ellis (UBC): “Socialists and Canadian Public Education: From Edges to



Lisa Panayotidis (Calgary) and Paul Stortz (Calgary): “Blurring the Boundaries between

the Campus and the Community: University Initiations for Women Students in Western

Canada, 1920-1950”


1:30 - 3:00 / 13h30 – 15h00


Poster session / Séance de présentation par affiche


Patricia Kmiec (Toronto): Orphans, Slaves, and Saviours: The Images of The Children’s

Missionary and Sabbath School Record, 1843-1853


Karissa Patton (Lethbridge): “We Knew Nothing: Educating Girls and Women on Human

Sexuality, Motherhood and Wifehood in the 1950s and 1960s”


Wednesday June 5


8:30 - 10:00 / 8h30 – 10h00


Blurred Edges: Belonging in Canada during the Wartime / Limites floues :

Sentiment d’appartenance au Canada en temps de guerre


Barbara Lorenzkowski (Concordia): “Children Remember the Wartime Atlantic: Growing

Up in an 'East Coast Port,' 1939-1945”


8:30 - 10:00 / 8h30 – 10h00


Being Young in Mid-Century North America / Être jeune en Amérique du Nord à la



Facilitator/ Animatrice: Linda Mahood (Guelph)


Katharine Rollwagen (Ottawa): “On the Edge of Adulthood: Age Consciousness and

Teenaged Dependency in Canada's Decennial Censuses, 1921-1951”


Brian Titley (Lethbridge): “Recruitment to Catholic Religious Sisterhoods in the U.S.,



James Trepanier (Canadian Museum of Civilization / Musée canadien des civilisations),

Robert Englebert (Saskatchewan): ‘We need a quiet revolution too,’ Glendon College

and Canadian National Unity


10:15 - 11:45 / 10h15 – 11h45


 New Directions in Gender and Political History / Nouvelles orientations en histoire


Lisa Pasolli (UFV): “‘An emergency which is increasing daily’: Debates about the Wartime

Day Nurseries Agreement in Canada”


Archives, Archiving, and the Politics of History / Les archives, l’archivage et les

politiques de l'Histoire


Kristine Alexander (Saskatchewan): “Unexpected Discoveries and Evidence of

Destruction: Looking for Children in Private Archives”


3:15 - 4:45 / 15h15 – 16h45


From Head to Toe: Embodied Girls, Tweens, and Youth across the 20th Century /

De la tête aux pieds: Les filles personnifiées, la préadolescence et la jeunesse à travers

le XXe siècle


Facilitator / Animatrice: Tarah Brookfield (WLU)


J. M. McCutcheon (Ottawa): “Braids, Bobs and Beehives”: Gender, girls and hair in

Canada, 1900s to 1960s


Linda Mahood (Guelph): “1970’s Youth Subculture: Gender and Sexuality and Rituals of



Natalie Coulter (York): “Transitional Bodies to Global Girls”



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