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Relevant papers presented at the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting

 Papers on the History of Childhood and Youth presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association.

2013 Annual Meeting, University of Victoria


Marie-Luise Ermisch, McGill

 “Fostering Active Compassion: How NGOs Appealed to British Children and Youth to Help the Third World”


Rachel Sandwell, McGill

 “Raising Revolutionary Children: The African National Congress’s Childcare Programmes in Exile, 1979-1985”


Deanne van Tol, Queen’s

“Establishing Child Welfare Services in 1950s Kenya”


Cynthia Comacchio, Wilfrid Laurier (Podcast)

 “Chronology, Biology and History: Why Age Matters”


Mona Gleason, UBC (Podcast)

“Beyond the Fetish of ‘Voice’: Theoretical and Methodological Innovation in the History of Children in Canada”


Dominique Marshall, Carleton (Podcast

 “Canadian Children’s Political Action: Transnational Dimensions, Discoveries and Suggestions”


Jonathan Anuik, Alberta (Podcast)

“The Futility of the Hypothetical in Canadian Childhood and Youth: Practical Considerations from Education”


Catherine Ellis, Ryerson

“Strangers, Citizens, Subjects: Britain’s 1969 Representation of the People Act”


Stuart Henderson , McMaster

 “’The Infamous Impartial Unfolded People's Tuesdaily’: Reading Rochdale College's Internal Newspaper, 1968-1975”


Greg Marquis, UNB

“Rocking Free North America: The 1970 Strawberry Fields Festival and the Youth Culture Borderlands”


Jocelyn Létourneau (Laval)

 « Visions têtebêche : Incursion au cœur des representations du passe du Québec chez les jeunes Francos et Anglos Québécois »


Anduin Wilhilde, Minnesota

 “Somali Youth and Self-Making on Facebook”


Kristine Alexander, Saskatchewan

 “‘Given Enough Time, All Photographs Become Equally Important’: Visual Archives of Childhood and Colonialism”


Anthony Di Mascio, Bishop’s

 “Quebec, Vermont, and the Permeability of Educational Boundaries in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”


Jason Ellis, UBC

 “Socialists and Canadian Public Education: From Edges to Convergences”


Lisa Panayotidis, Calgary and Paul Stortz , Calgary

“Blurring the Boundaries between the Campus and the Community: University Initiations for Women Students in Western Canada, 1920-1950”


Patricia Kmiec, Toronto

Orphans, Slaves, and Saviours: The Images of The Children’s Missionary and Sabbath School Record, 1843-1853


Karissa Patton, Lethbridge

 “We Knew Nothing: Educating Girls and Women on Human Sexuality, Motherhood and Wifehood in the 1950s and 1960s”


Barbara Lorenzkowski, Concordia

 “Children Remember the Wartime Atlantic: Growing Up in an 'East Coast Port,' 1939-1945”


Katharine Rollwagen, Ottawa

“On the Edge of Adulthood: Age Consciousness and Teenaged Dependency in Canada's Decennial Censuses, 1921-1951”


Brian Titley, Lethbridge

“Recruitment to Catholic Religious Sisterhoods in the U.S., 1945-1965”


James Trepanier, Canadian Museum of Civilization / Musée canadien des civilisations and

Robert Englebert (Saskatchewan)

‘We need a quiet revolution too,’ Glendon College and Canadian National Unity


Lisa Pasolli, UFV

 “‘An emergency which is increasing daily’: Debates about the Wartime Day Nurseries Agreement in Canada”


Kristine Alexander, Saskatchewan

“Unexpected Discoveries and Evidence of Destruction: Looking for Children in Private Archives”


J. M. McCutcheon, Ottawa:

 “Braids, Bobs and Beehives”: Gender, girls and hair in Canada, 1900s to 1960s


Linda Mahood, Guelph

“1970’s Youth Subculture: Gender and Sexuality and Rituals of Hitchhiking”


Natalie Coulter, York

“Transitional Bodies to Global Girls”


2012 Annual Meeting, University of Waterloo


Claire Halstead, Western University

From Lion to Leaf: the Private Organizations that Brought British Child Evacuees to Toronto during the Second World War


Lynne Taylor, University of Waterloo

Adoption and Unaccompanied Children: Germany, 1945-1952


Karen Balcom, McMaster University

Early Days: Private Immigration Bills and Transnational Adoption to the US, 1945-1961


Josh Cole, Queen’s University

‘A Stimulus Leading to the Morrow’s Joy’: the Hall-Dennis Report, the U.S.S.R., and Postwar Ontario Education.


Kevin Brushett, Royal Military College

The Company of Young, Hip, Turned On Canadians? The CYC and Alternative Youth Culture


 Bruce Douville, York University

‘The the real youth of the world’: Ecclesiastical Hipness in the Late Sixties


 Stuart Henderson, McMaster University

‘Each Has His Own Ticket in His Hand’: Politics, Engagement & Separatism in Robin Spry’s ‘Prologue’ (1970)


2011 Annual Meeting, University of New Brunswick


Paul Buck, Université du Maine à Fort Kent

L’identité et l’altérité dans quatre ouvrages didactiques d’histoire du Canada utilisés aux écoles françaises et catholiques du Québec de 1955 à 1967: le cas du Grand Dérangement, la Confédération canadienne et la migration aux États-Unis


Gail Edwards, Douglas College

Places and Spaces of Wild(er)ness: Aboriginality and Environment in Canadian Children’s Illustrated Books


Donica Belisle, Athabasca University

Training Citizen Consumers: Domestic Science and the Formation of Modern Consumer Identities


Jane Nicholas, Lakehead University

The Racialized White Modern Girl: Commodities and the Racial Masquerade


Todd McCallum, Dalhousie University

Captain Canuck, Commodified Canada

Tamara Myers, University of British Columbia

Capturing Kids: Youth, Representation, and the Miles for Millions Walkathon in 1960s and 1970s Canada


Catherine Carstairs and Sydney Kruth, University of Guelph

Rewriting Intellectual Disability: Jean Little and Social Advocacy


Linda Mahood, University of Guelph

The CBC’s The Forest Rangers: Strong Girl Narratives, Nationhood and Nostalgia in 1960s and 1970s


Lisa Pasolli, University of Victoria

‘Talking Day Care Blues’: Child Care Activism in British Columbia in the 1960s and 1970s


John Milloy, Trent University

Past, Present, and Reconciliation: the Continuing Legacy of Residential Schools


Brock Pitawanakwat, University of Winnipeg

Residential Schools: the Legacy of Language


Paulette Regan, Director Research, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Restorying History: A Settler Perspective on Indian Residential Schools and Decolonizing Canada


Helen Harrison, Senior Research Analyst, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Mixed Memories from an Uncommon Past: The Conflicted Experiences of Students and Staff of the Indian Residential School System


Amy Shaw, University of Lethbridge

Fathers and Sons of Empire: Letters home from the South African War


Kristine Alexander, York University

‘Mother says you are angry at me for not answering your letters’: Canadian Children’s Responses to Absence and Death during the First World War


Tarah Brookfield, Wilfrid Laurier University

Navigating War, Memory, and Identity: South East Asian Adoptees on Growing up Canadian.

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