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LeapFrog Imagicard™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ages 5-8 yrs.

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How it works

Use the LeapPad camera to activate 31 character and curricular cards and unlock magical gameplay onscreen.

Practice ninjutsu

Use each Turtle's special abilities to pole-vault over ooze pits, climb walls, chop down crates and create bridges.

Collect the mutagen

Deactivate security locks by using number knowledge to identify odd vs. even, greater than/less than and place value.

Mousers multiplied

Capture Mousers and use curriculum cards to solve mathematical equations.

Pizza party time

Add, subtract, divide and multiply ingredients to make a pizza. Activate fraction cards to see how much the team ate!

Stacks of fun

Activate cards to answer 50+ questions, or bring the Turtles to life onscreen and watch them interact.

Far-out photos

Take selfies with Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph. Pick a Turtle and ninja pose. Snap a photo to see them appear with you!

Play on the go

Activate digital cards from the in-game gallery whenever your interactive cards aren't on hand, for easy fun on the go.

  • Product dimensions:  6.3Wx9.3Hx1.6D
  • Product weight:  0.7 lbs
  • Addition
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Place Value
  • Subtraction